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Relight is a work-in-progress. It dreams* of one day becoming a fully-featured app for studying the Bible and theology from a reformed perspective.

*For any literalists out there, this is an anthropopathism. Apps don’t have dreams.

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Okay, that’s a lame dad joke. But it is how the app works. If you see a lightbulb icon, you can tap on it to learn more about whatever you’re studying—whether that’s a Bible verse, a catechism question, a confession article—or eventually, things like systematic theologies and church histories.

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Behind the Scenes

We’re small. Just David and Sarah: a husband and wife team trying to will something neat into existence with code and pixels. We love reformed theology, love how helpful it’s been to us, and want to make it more accessible to everyone.

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We’re a husband and wife team making this app as what we kids call a “side hustle.” We make YouTube videos about the app, new features, and our experiences getting this thing off the ground. We typically avoid reading YouTube comments for mental health reasons, but we’ll read yours. Honest.


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